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ROUND TWO! Here we go!

MPF is proud to welcome the second announcement of bands for the 2023 Summer Edition! Coming from different corners of the world, the festival is delighted to be part of some of these bands EU/UK Tour Routes.

Still more bands to be announced! Stay tuned!



Formed in 1999. In 2008 they toured Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore. They played as support band for Powertrip show in Metro Manila in 2020, two shows in Dubai UAE in 2019 the International Women’s day Celebration at the Commission on Human Rights in Quezon City In 202. Their dream of releasing a record in vinyl format was made possible via SPHC Records (US), Delusion of Terror Records (PH) and Love from Hate Records (PH). Choke Cocoi’s LP release for the United States and Europe is expected to happen in November 2022, and in the Philippines in the first quarter of 2023.


Forged in the flames of Redding, California in 2016, Dying For It has been putting their stamp on the hardcore punk sound with nods to the traditions of 1980s youth crew, 1990s skatepunk, and early 2000s melodic hardcore. Their music is paired to politically-charged and introspectively driven lyrics focused on shedding light on the issues of mental health and injustice. Prior to the pandemic, the band played nearly 100 shows on both coasts of the United States and shared the stage with such bands as Shelter, Strife, Good Riddance, Gel, Drain, and Fury. Now based in Portland, Oregon, the band plans to release new music and embark on their first ever European tour in the summer of 2023.



Emo and post-rock laced screamo from London that seamlessly races from peaks of disarray to brooding, bright melancholy. Recent debut EP, “Time and Why It Doesn’t Deserve Us” showcases the sweeping, emotional pull in their sound.


INITIATE (USA) - Hardcore in 2023 is as massive and eclectic as ever. With numerous acts attempting to expand the genre sonically, Initiate aims to release their most impressive and ambitious material yet. Formed in 2016, the Southern California group comprised of Crystal Pak (vocals), Alec Riley (guitar), Jack McTomney (guitar), Michael Morales (bass), and Danny Paul (drums) has grown an impressive amount since their 2020 EP Lavender (Triple B Records). Wishing to push their own boundaries both musically and creatively, Initiate has set out to pursue their sophomore LP that embodies the expansive tastes of each member to bring a record that stands out among the rest. Coupled with Pak’s vicious, searing vocals and sharp, metallic riffs; Initiate has created an amalgamation of genres that embodies a melting pot of melody and groove setting them apart from the rest of modern hardcore. With the spring release being released on Triple B Records once again, Initiate hopes to pave their own way with honesty and no apologies.



Formed in August 2019 in Lyon, France with plans to revive the straight edge hardcore scene. Since then they have been tearing up France with captivating live shows.



From Belfast, they are not limited by age or ability or binary identities. They don't have a front person, they swap instruments and roles to ensure that each member of the group has a voice. They espouse queer punk and they have shared touring schedules with Bob Vylan, Queen Zee, JOHN and Crawlers. Live shows are furious, celebratory and up-lifting. Outbreaks of fun and positive havoc are part of the experience.


EARLY BIRD tickets went on sale Sunday January 1st, available until February the 28th, or it's sold out. It's a "FIRST COME FIRST SERVED" occasion. Don't miss it!

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