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2024 First LINE-UP announcement!!

MPF is proud to welcome the first of three waves of bands announcements of the 2024 Summer Edition! Coming from different areas but mostly from Berlin, the festival is delighted to be part of some of those bands EU/UK Tour Routes.

More bands will be announced soon! Stay tuned!



Alieanation seamlessly blends the intensity of modern metal with traditional elements of the genre. Combining guttural vocals with expressive cleans, crushing rhythms with tasty leads and groovy basslines with versatile drums, Alieanation is set to break new grounds on the field of heavy music.

Lyrically the band tackles topics from the current climate crisis to racism but always seeks to find a uniting element - even if it is the struggle that unites. This is perfectly demonstrated on their debut single "Dividers" - a passionate rallying cry for inclusion and compassion and against division.



Where melancholy, disorientation and the tireless urge to move forward despite everything meet, that’s where you find CURB. The trio, which can be found regularly on the stages of Vienna since 2018, tries to give this feeling of inner conflict a voice in the Austrian music scene.

To give a certain kick, the band has already been able to support acts like Mavi Phoenix, Proper or Pabst, draw attention to themselves. With songs that are between distorted grunge and melodic pop-punk, their singles “Spit U Out” and “Pull Me Closer” clearly show the direction in which they want to move the band musically.


Formed in 2009 in Temuco - Chile, DERRUMBANDO DEFENSAS blends Hardcore and Metal, in a mix of hard riffs, sharp lyrics and an energetic stage presence.

With past tours in Argentina and Brazil, the band prepares for their first EU/UK tour in 2024. DERRUMBANDO DEFENSAS also had the opportunity to be the support band for “D.A.J” in Concepción - Chile and “Ratos de Porão” in Santiago - Chile.


HOARSE (Berlin/DE) - Berlin-based noisy punk band. Short, in your face and ugly. Angry, fast and loads of noise.


Jota create a world of emotions set to music on their first EP Cold. They set a twilight of oppressive brute force and quiet fragility in a dynamic sound mesh, which threatens to break every second. Post-Screamo from Halle since 2022.


Starting as a temporary duo project in October 2022, NOTHING WORKS happily became a dream 5 piece band in 2023. With members and ex members of bands such as PRIMITIVE LIFE, xCONVICTUSx, DRINK DEEP, BITTER VERSES, PRAISE, EU MATEI PEDRO & BIOMA, they mix 90's indie/alternative with modern (melodic/post) hardcore, combined with sharp/in-your-face political lyrics, a mix that could be roughly described as "heavy melodic hardcore".

With the beginning of their EP recordings planned for March 2024, the band is bringing a new energy to their scene as an all FLINTA* political band. Besides very young, in the upcoming months, the band will have the opportunity to be the support band for well known bands in the punk/hardcore & indie/alternative scenes.

The band both wishes that people could have a good time and dance/stage dive to their songs, as well as to learn about political causes and its struggles.

Photo: Oyèmi Noize


EARLY BIRD tickets are available until end March, or it's sold out. It's a "FIRST COME FIRST SERVED" occasion. Don't miss it!

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