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And here we go again!

Besides big changes this year's edition, in order to shrink the budget as much as possible, MY PEOPLE FEST will continue its activities, due do the unconditional support and love of local bands.

Happy to announce the festival will be back in July, taking place at NEUE ZUKUNFT. It takes place on July 12th, 13th & 14th.

Sadly, this year edition will be way less international than last year, and more focused on local heroes, but still very diverse and focused on bands with at least one BIPoC or FLINTA* band member.

The reason for that is that apart from the first day of the 2023 edition, the second and third day were not as successful attendance wise, and this year needs a lot of cuts in the budget, and cannot afford hostel for more than a dozen of bands as last year.

In other hand, the ticket prices are more affordable this year, exactly because we have less international bands.

Looking forward to have your support this year too! We saw a couple of festivals ending their activity in the last months, due to lack of funding. So, if you can, please consider purchasing the Early Bird tickets and keep MY PEOPLE FEST alive.

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